M POWER – 6 Page Feature

“There are some really nice touches to the engine install, which demonstrates the benefit of using a high quality donor car“. “All of which means that here’s a supercar level of performance, that’s happy to potter through town, sit in traffic or jet propel you up the nearest clear stretch of blacktop at the merest trickle of the throttle. Clever”. “What he’s achieved is highly impressive. The Legend’s ride is very accomplished, coping with treacherous road surfaces with ease yet always retaining a sense of control”. “It drives into corners, grips hard and accelerates like little else“. ” What it brings to the party is not only huge performance but a sense of kudos that can’t be matched by a Ford based car. You can imagine the conversation, can’t you? What’s it based on , mate? BMW. So what’s the engine? M3 straight six. So what sort of power is that producing? 320bhp. Then you pop open the bonnet… wow! Game, set and match“.